ALU window wicline 50

ALU window wicline 50
An affordable aluminium window suitable for energy undemanding objects and partition walls, which require maximum mechanical stability.

An aluminium window for less complex facilities consisting of ALU-profile WicLine 50 EN.
This window is a perfect solution for facilities such as industrial buildings, warehouses, partitions walls, various internal elements, in short, everywhere where thermal insulation is not the most important thing.
The extraordinary convenience of the profile is reflected in its width, because with its 50 mm the profile allows easy assembly and combining with other systems.

The advantages and features of the ALU-profile Wicline 50:
• Profiles without interrupted thermal bridge
• Total glass thickness up to 33 mm
• Durable elastic sealing gaskets
• Window frame thickness 50 mm, window casement thickness 60 mm
• Hardware: one-handed combined with a handle

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