Garage doors normstahl

Garage doors normstahl
An excellent solution for garage spaces, which will complement the look of your building and will offer your iron steed a high level of security.

We offer garage doors of the excellent German manufacturer Normstahl. You can choose between lifting, lifting-lamella and side lamella garage doors and between various accessories belonging to the garage door.
You can control the doors manually, or for ultimate comfort, electronically. You can choose from a wide variety of standard sizes or we can design custom made doors. The garage doors Normstahl are available in fourteen standard colours and in all tones of the RAL colour code.
Top quality in form of a long lifespan and perfected technique is assured with 10-year warranty on all garage doors Normstahl.

The advantages and features of the doors Normstahl:
• A high security level
• Optimal use of space – functionality
• Excellent security system
• Highest level of passive safety
• Easy control
• Outstanding operation and easy handling
• Large range of models
• Possible is individual (custom made) production

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