ALU entrance doors wicstyle 50

ALU entrance doors wicstyle 50
Affordable doors made of aluminium, most suitable for a variety of solutions in interior spaces.

The ALU-door AJM WicStyle 50 is the most basic variant of ALU-doors. Despite the basic features, these doors retain all the benefits of aluminium doors, as many models, compactness and solidness, excellent closing, undisturbed and long lifespan and easy maintenance.

The door frame and door casement thickness of the ALU-doors AJM WicStyle 50 is 50 mm. Typical is also a non-isolated profile without a thermal bridge, therefore this profile is recommended for less demanding energy facilities, especially for interior spaces or for swinging doors.

The profile WicStyle 50 has also an excellent ratio between quality and price. So these doors are recommended especially in cases we need them in places that do not require energy savings, only a high level of safety.

The advantages and features of ALU-doors AJM WicStyle 50:
• Door frame and casement thickness is 50 mm
• A non-insulated profile without a thermal bridge
• Suitable for interior and swinging doors
• For less energy demanding objects

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